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Sea Life 4D 3D Puzzle Egg Toy Kit Collection 9 (Set of 4)

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You are looking at a collection of 4 brand new sealed "4D" 3D sea life puzzle egg toy kits, one each of a Dolphin, Orca Killer Whale, Humpback Whale and Great White Shark.

We also have other individual sea life available as well as wild animals, reptiles, tropical fish and dinosaurs.

This is a Sea Life collection of great educational toy puzzle kits that are both fun to build and a bit of a challenge for children. The collection consists of "4D" (3D + Details) models of a great white shark, a dolphin, a humpback whale and an orca killer whale, each in 8 or 9 separate pieces for you to construct. The pieces just push together so it can be made up and pulled apart at will.

Each figurine toy comes in a factory sealed puzzle piece bag with a set of instructions including an exploded view (if you get stuck). Each is sealed in a shell capsule.

These 4D puzzle kits have fine detailing with hand painted parts and make up into realistic models that are approximately 8.5 -10.5 cms long. Note there may be slight variations in colouring from the photographs on this listing.

The lid of the shell, plus the stick provided makes up a stand for you to display your model.

The sea life shell containers are approximately 9 cm tall and 5 cm in diameter.

Weight: between 40 and 50g
Challenge level: Beginner

For easy puzzles look at our Sea Life 4D puzzle eggs (with fewer pieces), for advanced puzzles look at our Wild Animal World 4D puzzle eggs (with a lot more pieces) and for intermediate puzzles, look at our Tropical Fish 4D, Reptiles 4D and Dinosaur 4D puzzle eggs.

Each 4D puzzle egg can be bought individually but we also sell sets of 2 to 12 different puzzle eggs. See below for images of some of the 4D puzzle eggs we currently have available.

Would make a great idea for party bags or stocking fillers or as an alternative to a chocolate egg.

Recommended for ages 6 and up. Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years because of the small parts involved.



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Sea Life 4D 3D Puzzle Egg Toy Kit Collection 9 (Set of 4)

Sea Life 4D 3D Puzzle Egg Toy Kit Collection 9 (Set of 4)

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