We stock a large range of 925 Sterling Silver charm bracelets and anklets in a range of sizes and styles, all of which are Pandora compatible. Our range includes:

  • the Italian design Carlo Biagi bracelet and anklet range with either lobster claw or bead clasp closures
  • Chrysalis bracelets with intermediate collars and decorative lobster claw clasps plus
  • generic silver bracelets with intermediate collars and lobster claw clasps

Most of our bracelets are 3mm diameter (the standard Pandora size) but we also have smaller diameter bracelets from both Biagi and Chrysalis.

Chrysalis Sterling Silver bracelets are all Rhodium coated to provide a hard wearing surface and to stop the bracelets from tarnishing. They come with intermediate collars which can take hinged stop beads or you can fit Chrysalis stoppers with internal rubber grips.

Biagi has a wide range of bracelets in different styles and a number of sizes from 6 inches (15 cms) to 8 3/4 inches (22 cms) plus an extendable version and an extendable anklet which goes up to 10 inches (25.4 cms). There is a bracelet to suit everyone. If you have a slightly larger wrist, there is nothing to stop you wearing an anklet instead.

You can choose between a traditional lobster claw clasp and a bead clasp with a BIAGI logo (similar to the Pandora style).

Each bracelet used to have a screwed collar to retain the beads which is compatible with the screw threads of Pandora beads. The latest range does not have a screwed collar but instead has a free hinged end cap to stop the beads falling off when you undo the clasp. This can be replaced by another decorative hinged stop bead or a decorative safety chain.

The Biagi lobster claw and bead logo bracelets and anklets do not have any intermediate collars like some other bracelets. However, Biagi sell hinged locking spacer beads with an internal optional rubber collar which allows them to be positioned anywhere you like on the bracelet. This allows maximum flexibility when arranging your beads. You can also fit the Chrysalis stoppers with come with an internal rubber grommet to grip the bracelet.

If you do not want Sterling Silver then you can have a Biagi leather bracelet in a variety of colours. Each bracelet has a Sterling Silver bayonet type clasp.

All our bracelets are 3mm (or less) in diameter so will accept beads from other compatible designs including Pandora, Chamilia, Sim Stars and other universal brands as well as Silver Plated beads and charms.

Note that because the charms slide onto the bracelet, you need a slightly larger bracelet than you would normally wear. For a 3mm bracelet, you should typically allow an extra 1.5 inches (4 cms) when choosing your charm bracelet. The best idea is to measure around your wrist at the point you want to wear your bracelet and add on the extra length. Then choose the bracelet nearest to the required size. For example an 8 1/2 inch (21.5 cms) bracelet will only measure about 7 inches (18 cms) when completely full.