Sterling Silver Charm Bracelets

Carlo Biagi and Chrysalis Sterling Silver charm bracelets.
Available in a range of sizes.
Compatible with Pandora.

We have a selection of both Carlo Biagi sterling silver charm bracelets and Chrysalis sterling silver charm bracelets.

Carlo Biagi bracelets are compatible with other brands such as Pandora and will accept all the sterling silver charms and silver plated charms that we sell. Other European style threaded beads as well as most other European 3mm charm bracelet beads will also fit.

Biagi bracelets feature a strong “double-action” locking clasp making them very secure. Note that some of our Biagi bracelets have a screw thread at the end and others have a plain end. Used in conjunction with a threaded charm, the “screw thread” bracelets stop beads falling off the end when you take the bracelet off your wrist. You can also buy stop beads which clip onto the bracelet to prevent beads sliding off.

Biagi charm bracelets come in a range of lengths to suit different wrist sizes from young adults to women. Before buying a Biagi bracelet you need to measure the circumference of your wrist but bear in mind the circumference of the bracelet can shrink as you add more charms. Refer to our choosing a Sterling Silver charm bracelet article to decide what is the best length for you.

Each of our charm bracelets comes with either a complimentary Biagi black folding presentation gift box or a Chrysalis pouch.

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